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I spent 32 ½ years of my 34 years teaching in schools that struggled with many of the issues that Betsy has chronicled at Brighton. I know how frustrating it can be to feel that your best efforts have been thwarted.
“Anonymous” seems to be suffering deeply from that frustration. I would like to suggest, however, that the road s/he has chosen to pursue as a result is one that generally turns out to be a dead end. “Everyone should take the blame…” s/he says. Blame is easy, we’re comfortable with it, it costs us nothing to blame others and releases us from responsibility. One of the things I’ve liked about your blog, Betsy, is that blame has generally been kept to a minimum. You’ve searched for solutions, not demons.
I hope that now that “Anonymous” has vented publicly, s/he will stop wasting energy on assigning blame, and devote all energy to finding ways around the roadblocks. Only then will the frustration be assuaged, and only then will the students, staff and parents of Brighton benefit.

Joe there's no blame. What I have stated was fact. I just want the whole truth told of what is going on at Brighton... and you're right, if there is blame then all of us can take some it including the the lady that write this blog. We have just set by and let our school and community be torn apart because it truly was a nicer place to work several years back when I started. Also, we are no longer are as you put it "wasting energy" which is what this Blog is...... There are things being done right now as we speak. Listen Joe, there are always two sides of the story. Most times its easy to believe the tear jerker than the down and dirty truth.

Brighton may have been "a nicer place to work" for some teachers "several years back," but how about for students who aren't getting the teaching they need to succeed? That's the real question and issue. The posts by "Lana Turner" (a.k.a. Anonymous) speak volumes.

Happiness comes from within, no matter the circumstances in one's life. You really let your positive actions speak loudly. Congrats.

It was a much nicer place for both students and teachers. Also there are alot of our students that go on to college and are productive citizens. So there are success stories. All I am saying is tell the WHOLE STORY. The question is not about my happiness, because I could just be happy and satisfied with me and mine. My kids don't attend Brighton. But when you work at a school, you become involved and worry about the students there. Especially when you see injustice. So within in myself I am happy, but when I look at the situation at this school, it wears on your happiness.

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