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I have followed your posts nearly from the beginning, Betsy. They have been consistently thoughtful, concerned, insightful and determined to find ways to bring the students of Brighton every chance of success, but rarely have they had the passion of this entry.

In every line we see your clear understanding of the needs of your students and feel your pain at policy that throws roadblocks in their way. I pursued David Cox’s link and read his article about small schools/small districts. He makes a strong point about the problem with bigness when it comes to schools and districts being that it takes control away from the parents and teachers who have a personal understanding of the needs of the students. So I find it odd that his post takes the same stand that he appears to reject. He, in fact, sounds like a “policy maker” basing decisions on hypothetical students in hypothetical situations instead of listening to those who speak of real students with real lives in a real situation. The question is not whether K-8 schools can be beneficial to students, any more than it is whether small districts can have benefits. The question is what will bring the most benefits to the children of Brighton. I’d put my trust in your assessment any day.


Dear Betsy:

Your passion for kids still amaze me! I was Florida's teacher of the year and spoke with you in Savannah and Milledgeville Ga...Keep doing what you're doing! You have inspired me to leave secondary school and move down to elementary...Your influence is bigger than you think?

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