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I have been following you for awhile and am happy that you are still sharing. I work with LH preschoolers in CA. At most public schools, they are not allowed to have swings anymore. Your writing was timely for me as I provide a lot of different experiences to make up for it. My children, usually, are needing more physical activity, like swinging to grow and for their bodies to make sense of their world. I buy rocking chairs, rocking horses, sit and spins, teeter totters at yard sales and take them to my schools.
But mostly, after 25 years as an itinerant teacher, I lament the experiences our children no longer have--and the sense of their own bodies locked up in someone else's virtual reality, devoid of most normal feeling, sensation, power. I count the kind looks, encouragement, love on my fingers each day--children often only loved by other children, while their parents toil for a world that is slipping away. Now that my own children are older, I am extremely grateful for all the time I had with them.

Thanks so much for all you do.

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