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How well you capture the throbbing frustration we all feel so often in this profession. A child sits in class and is frustrated that the teacher has not asked the right question, had the right attitude, or taken the right approach. The teacher stands in the classroom, aggravated or confused by her inability to communicate effectively to the students squirming aroung her and is frustrated that her training has not helped her find the right attitude to have, the right questions to ask, or approaches to take. The parents look at the report card or the homework or the testing and shake with frustration at the doors that seem to be closing to their child and wish they knew the right question to ask or approach to take, the right attitude to have. The trainers, the tax payers, the administrators, the Unions, the politicians all tremble with the same frustration--not knowing the right question to ask, not identifying the right attitude, and not knowing the right approach to take. And so, on they blunder eyeing each other with dislike and suspicion looking for the latest cheap and easy approach that promises "I'll be all things to everyone if you just...."

But here's the thing, there actually IS a right question to ask and there actually IS a right approach to take and there actually IS a right attitude to have. ATTITUDE--I trust that you want to succeed and somewhere within you you know what you need to do so. QUESTION--What aren't you getting? APPROACH--Listen.

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