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Certainly, the test score improvement is a coup--congratulations. But let me ask you something--what is your school analogy? Is school a factory in which raw materials are combined and processed to create product? Is it a service business, providing the clients with timely, professional, knowledgeable services? Is it a family, in which each member (brought together by fate) tries to discover his/her own identity and path, while stuggling with and supporting against outside problems each fellow member? Or is there some other analogy you and your principal carry in your heads? I believe you have to have one and then study it. Find out what makes it function in a positive way. Share it with those in the community and give them an understanding of how it can work. Elsewhere I have spoken about how little test scores mean. What is meaningful is leadership with a valid vision and an ability to bring people on board.

During my headlong teenage years, whenever I'd make a mess trying to hurry through something, my grandmother would say, "Festina lente!" "Make haste slowly." This is especially important to remember when tring to build trust, faith and commitment.


That was a very insightful comment on the blog. Do you have some special knowledge about this "analogy" part. I always think like that on my own. Is there knowledge about this? For instance, our organization was "building an airplane while in the air." What do you think of that one?
Stephanie Pires
Merced, CA

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